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Removing Negative Influences and Energies

By Nita Hickok 2005

House Cleansings and Blessings are important when removing Negative energies and Entities from a home or place where a home will be built. As mentioned in my article on Ghosts they stay with the property. They are not the problem as much as other energies such as places where magic has been done or areas have been cursed because of the people or negative events that happened there.

The way to resolve this is a House Cleansing. It means to clear the area of the house room by room. Area cleansing is similar but has extra components when doing property where you will build a house.

Plan your ritual. Everyone should use the deity and deities they believe in and worship. It works the best for any ceremony. Most of the Exorcisms on the web are from different religions. Use the most appropriate names of what you worship and believe in so that it will be your type of energy.

Next plan the herbs, and oils you will use. All of these herbs can be used separately or combined. I personally like rosemary, dragon's blood, cinnamon, clove, cedar, sandalwood, myrrh, and cypress oils. They are used to seal the doorways and windows so the room is cleansed and can not have negativity enter into it. Herbs for a house cleansing that I prefer are rosemary, mistletoe, cloves, mint, and fenugreek seeds. The herbs should be brewed into a tea and used to sprinkle the room. Another way is to mop all the floors and then go over them a second time with an herbal wash of the tea. A small amount of salt should also be blessed and added to the teas. You should just bless a pound of salt as it will be used later, and can always be used in the teas. Carpets can be misted by using a spray bottle.

The important thing for the oils, salt and herbs is to say the following prayer over them.

(Deity or deities) Bless and make sacred these herbs and oils. May all negativity be removed, all sorrow, misery, poverty, ghosts, demons, spirits and harmful energies of all types and shapes. May they be able to remove all energies of negativity and evil through out all time and space, all dimensions, all realities, whether they are known or unknown by the person doing this ceremony. I ask (deity or deities) for their blessings and energies on these herbs to nullify, destroy, and remove all negativity and release all spirits to their realms of existence and the light. So Be It

Now that the herbs and oils are blessed you draw the symbols of protection. I suggest the glyphs from my Problem Solvers Alphabet book but they can be the cross, pentacle, runic alphabet, Blessed Angel and Saint Medals, or anything else the person believes in that will seal a doorway and can be made small to use on windowsills.

I like to draw the symbols on the tops and bottoms of the windows very small with indelible ink. They can also be drawn with the tea or the oil so they do not mark anything in a rental property. I also like to do all four sides of a doorway after I am done with a room. Be sure to draw protective symbols upon the back and front of all mirrors.

You have everything but the doorway sealed. You stand facing the door and say- I banish from this room in the name of (deity or deities) all negative forces that have caused upset, discord, trauma and evil in my life. May all their energies that cause misery, poverty, depression, fear, astral invasion, dream invasion, physical, mental and spiritual distress and illness be banished. May all access points, gateways and manifestations be banished and closed through out all space, time, dimensions, realities, and all planes whether known or unknown to me that are used to create negativity in my home. May they be banished until the earth vanishes, mankind ceases to exist and even then not be able to manifest for five thousand years after the earth is destroyed. May they be banished until the rivers run with chocolate milk, and the sun turns to pistachio Ice Cream. May the power of (deity and deities) make this so!

You spin in a circle including the entire room. You then draw sacred symbols on the bottom, top and sides of the doorway. You can include the symbol in oil or the tea on the door itself. You put salt across the doorway at the bottom and go on to the next room. Banishings and cleansings work best when there are impossible conditions for any negative force or entity to meet to come back. How possible is it to find your home if the earth is destroyed? How possible do you feel it is for Chocolate milk to fill the rivers and the sun to become Ice Cream? This works well and is more efficient than just telling them to leave as they have to fulfill conditions before they can come back which are backed up by a deity.

You seal off each room except for one where there is an outside door. You leave it until last and do the same ritual for each room. You also seal each doorway so it is unable to go back into any other part of the house. You do your ceremony in the last room and force it out the doorway. You seal the doorway with salt. You do the sacred symbols and say the phrases. Also do any porches or balconies as they will stay on them until they are driven off of them.

You have now cleansed your house. Leave the salt at the doorways for about a week if at all possible then vacuum it all up. The least amount of time is 24 hours for the salt to be left at the doorways. The next thing to do is a House blessing. Area cleansing is done by summoning a deity for each direction. You do the same banishing except you ask the deities to speak with the angel of the land. You remove all past influences, conditions, and things done on the land. You ask the deities and angel of the land to bless your home and your life there with Joy, happiness, release from worry, sorrow, grief and all negativity, with Good Health, Abundance and prosperity abounding. You thank them and put a stone in each corner of the lot and one in the middle with their symbols drawn upon them.

Once the home is built a cleansing and blessing should be done before you move into the home. You can also draw symbols on the wood before it is enclosed where you know your home will be safe and harmonious for you in every way.


By: Regina

Often, there are situations within homes that make it difficult for us live in them peacefully.

There are a variety of reasons for this; 

  • Sometimes houses can retain a sort of photo recording of other people and other times that have lived in them. This can sometimes cause a disturbance to the present occupiers. 

      These are not true ‘ hauntings’ but simply a sort of photo image that is left on the very fabric of the building itself. 

     A simple cleansing will sometimes clear this in the same way that any videotape can be wiped and re-recorded on.

    What we need to do here is wipe away the old impressions and instale our own of peace, calm and contentment.


  • Others are true hauntings where someone has passed over either in the house or is in some way associated with the home or the place where it is built. The spirit is at an unrest and cannot find their way to the Light. 

         Again, a simple cleansing and request to the unsettled spirit to move on (done in a gentle and positive way) will usually do the trick. It is quite unusual to find hauntings that cannot be taken care of easily and gently in this way. 

      But if you do sense something that is very disruptive or is frightening you in some way then it is better to bring in someone who is skilled in the way of exorcism. This is often the case where a house has been built on an ancient burial site and the spirits are disturbed and displeased.


The simplest way to do a cleansing for your home, whether it is because you feel there is a presence within it that you wish was not there or because something unpleasant has happened in it  recently, is to gather together the following ingredients:

  • Small nightlights or white candles (plus holders enough for every room);
  • Incense;
  • Charged water and salt mixture (separate bowls with a small amount of water in one and plain salt in the other;
  • Prayer or Ritual.


Depending on what your religious persuasion is (or isn't!) Gently pour the water into the salt, adding a prayer or invocation. 

(Here is an example of what I would say as a pagan):

"May the blending of these elements pure salt to preserve the sanctity and pure water cleanse this space," in the Name of the Goddess"  (here add your own prayer or finish the invocation to whichever deity you prefer)

Do this in a Sacred and meaningful way, in the knowledge that you are creating a powerful medicine to cleanse and heal your home.

Now, take the water and either using your fingers or a little brush sprinkle the holy water around the walls of every room every door and every window. When you have finished making sure that everywhere has been treated pour the remaining salt-water mixture in a line in front of any doors leading in and out of the building.

Then, go back into the house, and in each room light a small white candle and some incense leaving both to burn out to the end. 

 When you have finished it is also beneficial to take fresh flowers into the main room of the house.

 This will cleanse your house making it happy and peaceful!

"Blessed Be!"

Removing Negativity

This prayer will help people heal by dissolving the karmic blockages and the problems left after being traumatized by spiritual warfare, possession, and lifetime mindsets and problems. People can be affected by these problems their whole life. They have many different names for these problems-implants, devices, vibration barriers, curses, and blockages. Although they work in many different ways and cause many different problems they all act as an unconscious channel of negative energy into a persons life. They represent karmic ties and associations that need to heal.

The blockages are received through our subtle bodies and control our access to the higher frequencies of the divine connections. They make it where our vibrations fall to the point where we believe that we are separated from God. We are all living under some kind of blockage like this, and to reconnect to the divine force with our full capability we must clear them.

I had a friend sent a prayer of this sort to me. I had about three others and combined them to produce this prayer. I would do it every night for 7 days and then give it time to work. If a day occurs where you can feel all the old problems re-establishing themselves then do it again.

It should be done before bedtime when you won't be disturbed. All the results are different for every person. It depends upon the problems you are having and the areas needing to be healed.

Removal Process

I call upon God to calm my fears and to remove anything that may interfere with this healing. I ask my higher self to close my aura and make it so only energies from God may flow to me. No other use may be made of this channel except for the energies of God.

(Visualize violet energy flowing from your crown charka into your energetic body and rotating clockwise in your energy body)

I now call upon Archangel Michael to completely seal and shield this Holy experience. I ask that anything that currently exists in this shield that is not of the energy of God be removed. I ask that the ascended masters and the angels remove any and all blockages, parasites, and self-imposed limitations both known and unknown. I ask for a complete healing and repair of my energy system by them.

Repeat-I am healed and forgiven, I am healed and forgiven, I am healed and forgiven, I am healed and forgiven, I am healed and forgiven, I am healed and forgiven, I am healed and forgiven.

I, (state your name) hereby revoke and renounce any and all pledges of allegiance, vows, agreements, and/or contracts of association that no longer serve my highest good, in this lifetime, past lifetimes, simultaneous lifetimes, and future lifetimes. In all dimensions, time frames, and locations, or anywhere else in the mind of God. I now command all entities to remove themselves as these bindings are removed. They are to desist and leave my energy fields now and forever. They are to take all the links, blockages, devices, and energies implanted by them with them. I now call upon the Holy Spirit Elohim to witness this dissolution of all contracts, vows, energies, and agreements that do not honor God and my higher purpose. This includes all entities, beings, contracts, blockages, and vows both known and unknown that infringe upon the will of God both forward into the future and retroactive into the past.

I now re-pledge myself to all the forces of Good and creation. I rededicate my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and dream selves to the forces of Good from this time forward and retroactive into my past. I dedicate my life, my work, everything I think say and do, everything in my environment which serves me to the forces of Good. I further dedicate myself, and my own self-mastery to the ascension path. I now ask that the forces of Good witness my new dedication to their service. Let it be written in the book of life. So be it!

(Now is the time to heal and forgive collectively and of those aspects of yourself, and all who participated in your limitations in any way. Include anyone known and unknown.)

To the universe and the entire Mind of God and every being in it. To all the places I have been. To all the beings that are in need of this healing and the experiences that I have participated in whether they are known or unknown to me. Whatever is held between us I now heal and forgive. I call upon the power of God, Archangel Gabriel and the heavenly host to assists and witness this healing. I forgive you for all that needs to be forgiven between you and me. I ask you to forgive me for all that needs to be forgiven between you and me.

We are now healed and forgiven. We are now lifted to God to become what we should be. We are filled and surrounded by the forces of God and Love. We are free from all vibrations of fear, pain, hatred and anger. I now call upon Archangel Raphael to transmute and re-qualify with the violet flame all of the energies that were taken from me. I ask that they be returned in their purified state. Once these energies are returned to me I ask that those channels through which my energy drained be dissolved completely. I ask that I be freed by the powers of the Source from all chains of duality. I ask that all the forces of Life and God witness that this is so.

I ask that God be with me. I ask that Archangel Michael mark me with his seal so that I may be protected forever from the influences that prevent me from doing our creators will. I now give thanks to God, the ascended masters, the angels and archangels, and anyone else who has participated in this healing and continuing enlightenment of my being. Thank you all.

Forgiveness & Releasing Negativity

By Nita Hickok 2006

I have many people get in touch with me every day from all over the world. The theme is always spiritual healing but they also have certain problems. They are suffering and do not understand why spiritual troubles are happening to them. They are also upset because of how others treat them.

Most people who have spiritual problems talk to at least one person about the strange things happening to them. The attitude they receive most of the time is that you have brought it upon yourself and accepted this happening to you. It is not true as the people with spiritual problems always have a conscience. They accept blame too readily and have the energies attach to the negative events that have happened to them in their lives.

In recent years, many people are willing to blame the victim for their problems instead of the person harming them. The person abused is the one treated badly because no one wants to admit that this could happen to HIM OR HER. I have heard many slick descriptions justifying why spiritual problems are the fault of the person who is suffering. The main one is that the person chose what happened to them. I have also heard the same comment made about a person who was robbed or murdered. It is rationalization and feat that causes this reaction. Many people are just so self-centered that it is horrible when it happens to them but something to be accepted by everyone else. It can be so miserable for anyone suffering through spiritual problems.

One manual on healing had a whole list of the negative traits of the people who were ill. The people had to have certain problems to get a certain illness. I have never seen a complete cure of anyone when they are using that method. It brings up issues that make it impossible for the people to heal. They become trapped in a cycle of blaming themselves and causing more disharmonies and imbalances.

The only method I have found that has unlocked the energies needed to heal a person with spiritual problems is the method of forgiveness and releasing the energies so they do not keep harming the person. The person is able to heal because the issues generating the attitudes and illnesses are not there anymore. They are not energized by constant thinking and reliving of the bad moments in the persons life.

The instant reaction is I am not forgiving him or her. They were wrong and I am right. It is true of everyone. They know what the other person did to them. No one has offered them compassion or sympathy. They react to their pain and sorrow instead of thinking how much they are hurting themselves. Lack of forgiveness creates negative energies and the trapped emotions create blockages. Forgiveness will release blockages so that the person feels better. The blocked areas of their lives start moving forward and returning to good experiences. It really does matter how you relate to forgiveness and others cruelty.

Why should you forgive anyone? You forgive because you are capable of doing so. It removes you from the negative energies of the situation. You get to heal and need to let go of the people or events that harmed you in your life. You are not the one becoming ill from the hate and the anger. You are not the one mentally wishing them harmed every time anything bad happens to you. You are the one moving along your spiritual path instead of remaining trapped in the energies of the bad things that happened to you.

I say this to others and the next comment is the bible or someone or something else says an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. We are all a part of the divine and we ought to act like it. The other people may not act like it but we are not able to control their actions. The only actions we can control are our actions and the choices and causes we put into effect in the world. Hate does not work, anger does not work, or any other negative emotion.

People feel that if they keep repeating and showing others the harm done to them others will listen. They believe they are sticking up for themselves and not being a victim. They are teaching others what this person or that person is about in their lives. I agree with this but at a certain point it gets to where you are not healing yourself. If you have told a person, a few times and they do not have the ethics to understand what you are saying about the person. You should let it go and let the person go also. I have been patient with many people and tried to show them what I was talking about yet they would not listen. Friends will show if they are really friends at these moments. You should thank God for the opportunity to find out who your real friends are in life.

Forgiveness is then crucial for the situation to move forward.

How to Forgive-

Bless yourself

Bless what happened to you. You should name the person and talk about everything that happened to you. You need to say I forgive them and release them to (any deity you worship) let me move on with out the upset and emotions I feel now. Say how you have felt, and what you have done. Say what you have wished upon the others who harmed you and ask forgiveness for what you have brought upon yourself through any actions you have done. State what you have learned about yourself and what not to do in the future.

Forgive yourself for how you felt about yourself and your actions. Promise to never make the same mistake again and keep that promise to yourself.

Witness what happened to you by saying I witness XYZ and state this is the truth to (deity). You should then bless your life and thank (deity for a quick resolution of any troubles). Feel yourself, as it would be if it had already happened. Picture the life that you want and do not think of anyone or anything that was the cause of the spiritual harm. Picture what is wrong as a dark energy and it being sucked out of you and going to (deity name).

Release all the wrong in your life to (deity). Picture and see the energies leaving forever. Release yourself to cry or anything necessary to release and overcome what happened to you. It does not mean doing anything that causes harm to another. Releasing and overcoming the energies means clearing out your need for justice and leaving it to (deity) to decide. Thank deity and picture your life as what you want it to be. Feel your energies and life changing to this life. Set it in all time realities asking (deity) to help set this in motion in your time line and all realities. Praise (deity) as if it was already done and had occurred. Praise your life as if it was already the exact way that you wanted it to be.

You will find that you will need to repeat this multiple times until everything is gone. Do this each day for as long as necessary until you feel the energies snap and change. It will happen quickly for those ready to make a change in their life. The people who hang on to resentment and anger will take longer.

Your health and mental attitude will improve. You will find your life reflecting off the time line energies as what you want it to be. You will be able to pull down the energies into your life to create the good life that is yours. It is the ultimate way to heal and resolve any spiritual problems.

You still have to do the work to undo any of their influences upon you but changing your attitude will help make it so there are no negative energies or thoughts for negativity to attach too. It makes a total difference in your life.

I do not suggest staying around people who keep bringing you back into the same space by their attitude. They will realize what they are doing if they are real friends and you will see an improved friend in the future. Anyone who does not act differently was never a friend in the first place. It is hard to do but you will find that your life will change forever and it will be for the better. You have to be persistent because we have spent many years putting our blocks and energies into certain places. I have seen many people saying I changed everything but it is not improved so I might as well go back to what I used to do. I have seen the same people persist and find a new life for themselves.

You can have a better life also.