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 Meditation and Visualizations

 Can Change Your Life
As you may already know by now, meditation and visualizations should be an integral part of your spiritual journey. While it's true that you can gain an intellectual understanding by reading metaphysical oriented books, this type of understanding will not seep through all areas of consciousness enough to raise your vibration. The act of Meditation and visualizations are the only way to accomplish this.
Even though meditation is frequently associated with the term new age, in reality, it's a very ancient practice going back thousands of years. While, meditation is more prominent in metaphysics, It can be found as well in almost every religion in one form or another. When it comes to the earliest known records of meditation, the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism were at the forefront. They incorporated it into their own daily practice and today make it a part of their own spiritual protocol. Even Christianity practices a form of meditation, although the common term it's often referred to is prayer. 
See Regina for a private meditation Feb 22, 2009 in St louios mo.

"If there is something you truly want to know, then you truly want to listen to your own wisdom.
You know, meditation is learning how to listen with your own wisdom, so that you can see.
I think why meditation is amazingly important,
is that somehow our unconscious world is much bigger.
It is huge, universal, and we don't understand that one.
Meditation allows this world to be light and knowable, understandable.
That is why it is important.
Normally we are totally robbed by the egotistic, conventional mind,
not allowing the fundamental mind to be functioning.
That is why one should have confidence, truly... through experience,
one has confidence in one's spiritual journey."
By Lama Thubten Yeshe

"We are so addicted to looking outside ourselves,
that we have lost access to our inner being almost completely.
We are terrified to look inward, because our culture has given us no idea of what to find.
We may even think that if we meditate, we will be in danger of madness.
This is one of the last and most resourceful ploys of the ego
to prevent us from discovering our real nature.
So, we make our lives so hectic that we eliminate the slightest risk of looking into ourselves.....
In a world dedicated to distraction, silence and stillness terrify us."

Chakra Clensings $75.00

THE CHAKRA SYSTEM is the bodies light energy system, and many of the problems that we experience in day-to-day life can be attributed to imbalance in one of the main Chakras.

We need to cleanse and balance our Chakras constantly to maintain a balance of energy. When our Chakras are out of balance it will disrupt our entire physical system. Remember that whatever is amiss with the bodies light energy system will eventually filter down into the physical body, so paying attention to the state of health of our Chakra system and our Aura will greatly enhance our health generally!

A few signs that you might need a Chakra Cleansing, Lightbulbs blowing,appliances breaking down,clumsy injuries,just plain feeling like you just can't connect to any part of your life.I recommend a cleansing session every season,or randomly if you've had any kind of crisis in your life.(Grief,loss of Job,break up of just plain difficult month.)Chakra Cleansings takes about on hour,you simply come in and relax and enjoy the healing.Although Chakra Cleansings do not remove all the stress in your life,it will help give you the strength and balance you need to succeed

Heather Rainey
Cleansing 2008
Hey Regina- WOW
This is Heather.  I want you to know that the Chakra cleansing/cord removal was AWESOME!!  I can't believe that it's only been since Sunday and I feel so POWERFUL!!  I recommended you to a couple of my friends and I hope they come and see you soon.  Just wanted you know that you're really good and I am a changed woman.  I'll be seeing you again


Past Life Recression $75.00
This meditation is a trip to a past life that I call the point of entance , I have not had anyone not recieve some insight on this life time by visiting ther past life . understand why  you have fears , anxiety ,or Illness that is not explained in this life

Past Life Reading:
I wasn't sure what to expect when going through a past life regression.  However, after going through a regression with Regina, it helped me gain a better understanding of my current path.  It also helped me to understand why I experience and feel some of the negative experiences I have in my current lifetime.  Regina had a couple of difficult moments communicating with a spirit who wanted me to know information about my previous time in the 1400's.  The guide communicating and coming through was a spirit guide and I also communicated with my twin flame.  I found out that this was my 22nd lifetime.  It all makes sense, and I'm anxious to undergo another regression to possibly experience another lifeltime.  We are all like an onion in the fact that and our lifetimes are the layers.  With each regression, we unpeel each layer to uncover our true selves.

Tim Riley

Past Life Readings

Some of us can trace our spiritual life back to the dawn of mankind, and have had regular incarnations ever since that time.  Although some seem to have only a few incarnations, spread out through many generations, and it has been suggested by ‘those in the know’, that perhaps this is not the only planet that we inhabit as spirits, but that whilst we're on this planet our planet Earth, we can only recall incarnations that were here.

Most of us have now come to believe that we have lived before, and often many, many times, the body of evidence for this is now so great, from past life and regression therapists, that it would be foolish to ignore that it is at the least possible. and at the most probable that we return time and time again to learn the lessons that we need to ascend in Spirit word.

During Hypnosis and deep Meditation, it is possible to take someone back into past life, and re-live part of that incarnation, and learn to fully understand it, and this can be of great benefit in some cases where something in the past incarnation is adversely effecting the present incarnation.

Another way of connecting with past life is through a Spirit Medium, and in certain circumstances a good Medium can take a look into your most recent past life, and give you sometimes quite clear and startling information about it.

Our Past Life Visionary Regina, is able through trance to connect to many of our past-lives and relate them to us, and she will often locate and connect to more than one of our past-lives.

 Often through a past life vision, situations become evident that have a bearing in this present lifetime. This can often explain problems that are being experienced in this life and can be useful and comforting. it is often possible to see if we have had a connection or relationship in that past life that has also come through with us to our present life.

Visit the Other Side

 (passed over love ones come threw on this one )

I use this one for people who can't get over there passed on live one.

 everyone experience some thing different .

 I can't promise this spirit to show but you will leave with more understanding of were your are with grief and how to get to were you will get that validation.

I also use this one to introduce people to your guides .


THE LAB for Healing $75.00

Chakra & Healing !

This meditation is for healing and takes approximately one hour long.

For a private calming and healing experience this is a lovely mental exercise especially if meditation is something you always thought of as too time-consuming or simply beyond you.

  The lab is a special place you can take yourself to anytime or anywhere when you have a few quiet moments.


Dave and his Healing
Lab Meditaion 2007
Hi Regina !  Just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for all you did for David and I. - the good news is Dave is feeling FANTASTIC - NO PAIN!!!!  The first couple of days after we left your office - he  was feeling really tired and some pain - but then all of a sudden he broke into a big sweat and he is back to his old self - the man I married - laughing, busy looking FORWARD to Life!  I am doing really good, too.  We can't thank you enough for your generosity, compassion and sharing your special gifts with us.  He is using the CD and is a changed man - I want to say "unbelievable" - but it IS believable - ask and ye shall receive.
Love and blessings to you - Love,Barbara
For best results, give them plenty of sun, frequent watering, and regular fertilization.

Meet Your Totem $75.00
 This is a great way to get help and guidance...
 once we have clarifed who your  main totem  is.
you will be introduced and given information to contiue a relationship with this animal
 in your every day life.
This one puts you in a good mood ,
It is not work at all !
Healing for spcific ILlnesse or physcal  proplem.
(what a great healing i see people have with this one , it is peacful and so relaxing  no one comes out of this stilll feeling uptight )
 we also ask for healing for what you need right now in your journey .

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