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Why get an Angel Reading?

You will gain Divine Guidance in area that you wish


*Current Life Situations

*Career Choices

*How to move forward in your life

And, of course, you will receive comfort and encouragement from your loved ones, angels and spirit guides

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Psychic Phone Readings
With Regina 
for Love and Relationship Advice.
Genuine Psychic Regina provide psychic readings to guide you in your family, love life, career and romance. 
 Regina's main aim is to provide you with an insight into your life, giving you guidance and support that will help make the right decisions and lead you to a happier and prosperous life.


Tuesday & Thursday 

Phone Readings
Get on the list for a Phone Readings with Regina on Tuesday's &  Thursday's
Now you can enjoy a psychic phone reading with top psychic Regina calling you anywhere in the USA. Simply select the Time you would like your psychic reading and book your psychic phone reading Appointment.
Call 314/450-1283,

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 All About Learning the Law of Attraction.
The first step in learning the law of attraction is to understand as much as you can about it. First off, the law of attraction has been around ever since the origin of time. How is that possible? well, if we take it as a law, then you can't really say that it's only been around for 50 or 100 years. Universal and physical laws don't all of the sudden just pop their way into existence. It only recently however began to gain massive attention.So why is it that the law of attraction has all the sudden gained massive attention? Well, a large part of that is due to the release of the popular film The Secret. However, that movie is far removed from being the predecessor on the law of attraction. For example, in 1937 there was a book written by Napoleon Hill, entitled Think and Grow Rich. This book in itself makes strong use of the law of attraction to obtain prosperity, although the material is presented a bit differently than it is in The Secret. NonethelessThink and Grow Rich is just one example of published work on the law of attraction that is been available to people for a very long time.

Get a Law of Attraction Reading from Regina Find out how to get to what you Intend to have in your life today!

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The distance services I currently provide are

Telephone Readings—

This is a chance to get information about your angels, guides, life path and to ask questions whether about spirituality and day-to-day life.

These are deeply meaningful for those on a spiritual path who desire the loving gentle guidance only the angels can provide. Angels can help us with personal, emotional and spiritual growth and help us deal with the challenges life continually presents.

 Your earthly questions can answered relating to your relationships, career and other issues.

Reading Testimonie

My reading with Regina have always been "dead on".  She presents the information to me in an uplifing way while communicating with my spirit guides and angels.  Her information has helped me to move forward in my life, and to take risks that I have always wondered if I should.  The readings I have had with Regina have always allowed me to walk away with a greater sense of clarity.
 Tim Riley

Reading Testimonie
I was wanted to tell you I really enjoyed talking to you yesterday, it was very easy to talk to you.   And thank you for the information you gave us.  I hope to be chatting again with you soon.  Thank you again we also added you all to our im so maybe we can chat sometime. 
Thank you
Kim and John
For best results, give them plenty of sun, frequent watering, and regular fertilization.

Reading Testimonie
Hi Regina,
                 My name is Renae, I had a reading with you over New Years weekend. I wanted to thank you so much for the information you were able to help me with. It was kind of a coincidence that I had bougt a set of the angel cards before my reading and that was one of the first subjects you started talking about. I would like to get together with you again. I did not really know what to expect that day and honestly that was my very first reading. I looked up the website and services that were offered and was instantly drawn to what you had to say on your site. I guess that's why I chose to have my reading done with you. Anyway I was really moved by you and want to make my life a happier one starting this year and hopefully you can guide me in the right direction to do this. So basically a little advice on what to do next. You had mentioned a past life regression. I had went home and thought about the reading and did write down a few thing's like my spirit guide and past loves ones watching over me just to name a few. I do know that there is a appropiate time to do thing's and basically that's why I am writing.
I look for your response to set something up and thank you again!
                                                                                                                                                                                             Thanks so much! Renae

Reading Testimonie
Hi Regina,
I recieved a reading from you at the Pegasus Pshycic fair in Collinsville on April 3rd.
I have to say I was very impressed and relieved and I am very much interested in getting with you soon to have another reading.
Thank you,

Reading Testimonie
Hi my name is Brandy. My mother has recently visited you for her first time, dealing with the little old lady. My mom told me about you and how great you were. She said she left with tears in her eyes. You have helped in so many ways, and i would really like to thank you for that! I hope this doesn't seem to sraight forward but I was wondering how i could get into touch with you. I would greatly appriciate to find out what is in store for my future